City of Ottawa Noise By-Law review

As you may have heard, the City of Ottawa is currently undertaking a noise by-law review. We encourage everyone who participates or enjoys music in Ottawa to get involved in the following ways.


1)     Please fill out the survey below before Friday at 8 am! There are two questions which directly impact music.

  1. For Low Frequency Noise and Vibration, we believe that moving towards a specific reading for low frequency noise (Option A) is likely the best approach, if done in consultation with the music industry.
  2. In terms of Exemption Process (Special Events), we are fully in support of Option B. 




2) We also encourage you to email Councillor Diane Deans at and Councillor Riley Brockington at, who are the Chair and Vice Chair of the Community and Protective Services committee, as well as your own City Councillor, and let them know Ottawa's revised Noise By-Law must take into account the City's goal of growing the music industry. It is vital that before any further revision to the By-Law that the music industry be included in discussions about how to ensure this is also a music-friendly policy.