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#ottmusik is an initiative that brings local music to the City of Ottawa's phone system. The goal is to answer calls as quickly as possible, but when a caller has to wait or in the event of a transfer, we want them to hear your music!

The City’s phone systems will feature your music; new music created by local talent. We’re also going to feature your music on, so if a caller likes what they hear, they can connect with you directly.

The City of Ottawa is furthering its commitment to providing new opportunities to Ottawa’s cultural community while offering residents an enhanced and unique experience when calling the City.  The City wants to help musicians reach a broader audience and to show musicians our appreciation for what they do for our city.


Deadline:  Monday, March 12, 2018, at 11:59 pm


  1. Applicants must live within 150 km of the City of Ottawa
  2. Submissions must not include profanity or discriminatory language
  3. Must be original music owned by the applicant
  4. Only one submission per applicant

How to apply:

  1. Fill out the #ottmusik application form at
  2. Upload your MP3
  3. Click “Submit”

All submissions will be reviewed by a committee of musicians and industry professionals from the Ottawa area who will recommend up to 25 songs for use on the City of Ottawa phone system. Recommendations will be based on artistic merit, diversity, community involvement, and content. Each successful applicant will receive a $200 licensing fee for use of up to 1 minute of the song during a twelve-month period.

For more information please review the #ottmusik application form or contact