Live Production Residency Pilot Program

The Live Production Residency Program – developed by Ottawa Music Industry Coalition – is a multi-day residency at Shenkman Arts Centre’s professional facilities for local emerging artists with demonstrated touring capacity to develop a professional live performance.

The aim of the residency is to help local artists preparing for major tours (or other career-making performances) to stage and rehearse a professional live performance that will best communicate their potential to audiences.

During the residency, artists will work with Shenkman’s Production Services staff to review stage plotting, technical rider elements, hone sound and lighting, and perfect other components of their live show.

The program has four major components:

  1. Residency Placement

There will be three residency placements in the 2017 season – January 3 to 6, April 10 to 13 and July 4 to 7. Each placement period is 4 days in length in Harold Shenkman Hall at the Shenkman Arts Centre, during which time the artists' equipment can be kept on stage for the duration of the placement.

The residencies include consultation with Production Services staff for stage plotting, technical rider elements, sound and lighting. Placements are open to OMIC members and they are determined through a call to artists and a peer-jury selection process.

  1. Video

Video of the rehearsals and or live performance will be shot during each residency by a local videographer. The footage will be edited and made available for promotional uses by the Centre, OMIC and the artist(s) in residence.

We graciously acknowledge the support of SAW Video for this component.

  1. Mentorship

Artists will be paired with an established artist or music professional (e.g. manager, booker) who will meet with the artists during the residency to review their tour/performance planning within the context of larger career goals. In particular, the mentor will provide insight as to the business side of tour planning and live performance.

  1. Public Performance

Each residency will culminate into a live showcase performance. The final performance will be a ticketed event open to the public, and a select number of tickets will be made available to members of the music industry.


Goals of the Program

  • Ensure a diversity of local emerging artists make the most of upcoming performance and touring opportunities
  • Develop professional capacities in sound, lighting and tech
  • Leverage professional space and technical resources at the Shenkman Arts Centre



Eligible applicants must

*An emerging artist is in the early stages of his/her professional career. They have produced a reasonable body of work to date, and have had a fair degree of professional public exposure. Most important, the artist is on a growth trajectory represented by performance opportunities that demonstrate the potential of the artist to reach larger markets.

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Selection Criteria

  • Demonstration of tour and showcasing capacity by reporting on:
    • past live performance record including tours
    • upcoming confirmed performances, in particular performances demonstrating growth trajectory
  • Artistic merit as judged by:
    • quality of submitted recordings/video
    • Potential of the artist’s music to connect with audiences beyond region
  • Business capacity as judged by:
    • Career intent of artist
    • Materials assembled to support career intent (recordings, video, social presence, etc.)

Selections will consider diversity of musical genres and languages.


Applications for the 2017 Live Production Residency Pilot Program are now closed.

Read about the participants of the 2017 Live Production Residency Pilot Program.

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