The Ottawa Music Industry Coalition is currently developing programs and services in response to the needs, issues and priorities of the Ottawa music industry. Key partnerships, collaborations and professional networks will be developed to benefit our members, whatever their place in the industry, and the Ottawa music ecosystem as a whole. Currently, OMIC programming is focused on the following areas:


OMIC is committed to bringing local music industry professionals to act as a strong collective voice for music issues in the city. This commitment means that OMIC:

  • Is in an ongoing conversation with the City of Ottawa about how it can best support the music industries and help facilitate that support.
  • Is building connections with the business community to look for ways that local business can support local music for mutual benefit.


Professional Development

OMIC is committed to helping those working in music in the Ottawa grow their careers. This commitment means that OMIC:

  • Organizes events that bring music industry people together to know each other, learn from each other, and explore new opportunities for collaboration and growth.
  • Presents workshops that allow industry professionals to acquire new skills and expertise.


Market and Export Development

OMIC is committed to growing the market for Ottawa music both with audiences in the city and with audiences around the world. This commitment means that OMIC:

  • Develops initiatives build an appetite for, and spread the word about, Ottawa music to people in the city.
  • Develops programs that get export-ready Ottawa music, artists and other professionals onto world stages.