Q&A with Jumpin' Joel Flash: Art Pep Rally edition!


If you haven’t heard, local bandleader and musical theatre enthusiast Jumpin’ Joel Flash is hosting Ottawa’s very own Art Pep Rally on Saturday September 7! Naturally, we jumped on the opportunity to chat with him and find out more. Keep reading to learn more about this weekend’s festivities and how to get in on the fun!

What is a Pep Rally?

I had to google it myself!  In essence, it’s a gathering to build excitement. A party to get people pumped! A conference for yelling and dancing and woooo! 

Where did the idea for having an Art Pep Rally come from and what are you hoping to achieve with this event? 

Events should be FUN! With our planned shows, we want people to leave not knowing what the hell they just witnessed.  We achieved that with our EP Release Prom this past December, and wanted to keep that fun dream alive!

With the Pep Rally, we’re taking another nostalgic theme and attempting to excite people to change their behaviour.  We want people to attend, get hyped, and leave excited about sharing and loving Ottawa art!


You’ve done musical theatre in the past and have a broad range of collaborators from across the arts here in Ottawa. What advice would you offer for other musicians or artists that are looking to broaden their horizons?

Get out of your comfort zone! I had never done any type of theatre before giving it a go, and I left the experience knowing more about composition, performance, show scheduling, drama, and more!   

By diving into a genre or discipline we don’t typically engage with, we learn things we otherwise wouldn’t, and can apply those lessons to any show, any song, and piece of art! 

There’s a dance component. Will it be alongside or in addition to the performances? 

Dance will be in addition to each of the bands!  Dancer Surraya Dawn was most recently involved with Propellor Dance’s FRAME OF MIND at The Great Canadian Theatre Company. She’ll be showing the audience how beautiful movement can be…. And we can’t wait! 

Where can someone learn more about who’s performing and snag tickets (if there are any left) ahead of this Saturday at Queen St Fare?

All on my website! You can find ticks, learn more about the artists, and GET PUMPED here!

Tickets can be purchased online or at the door!  But you don’t want to wait and risk not getting a ticket, do you?   ;)