Defining Ottawa Together: Culture in the Official Plan

On behalf of the Cultural Development and Initiatives (CDI) Section…


Thursday, October 17th, 2 to 6 pm.

Ottawa City Hall (Andrew S. Haydon Hall, Council Chambers)

We hope to support the development of Ottawa as an international cultural capital that:

  • works toward reconciliation and decolonization;

  • offers meaning and quality of life to all residents; and

  • attracts talent, tourists and business.

The session will include an international panel, a short video of interview highlights from a cross-section of Ottawa citizens, and important opportunities for input through maps, ideas and words.

Your voice and experience in Ottawa are important to us! Community engagement is key.  

  • Where do you live and work?  Are there cultural opportunities in the neighbourhood in which you live?  Near your workplace?

  • Do you walk, cycle, take public transit or drive to access culture?   How far are you willing to travel to access cultural opportunities in the city?

  • If you could redesign your neighbourhood, what cultural improvements might you suggest?

  • What are the culturally significant places and spaces in Ottawa that you hope are protected for future generations?

  • What is the ‘living’ culture that makes your neighbourhood and the city unique? How can we safeguard, support and develop these practices?

Full details here.