Ottawa Music Development Fund open for applications!


The Ottawa Music Development Fund was created through the Ottawa Music Strategy, a collaborative initiative between the City of Ottawa and the local music industry through the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition in order to help provide small amounts of seed support to local artists, non-profits and grassroots groups collaborate and test out new ideas to address gaps identified in the strategy. The fund will be distributed by the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition on behalf of the City of Ottawa through an open called and juried selection process. Juries will be made up of peers  - artists & industry professionals from across the spectrum of our local music community. 

The first call for applications opens July 22nd with deadline of September 23rd. There will be $22,000 in funding available across four different priority streams : 

Diversity + Inclusion 

Music Media Collaboration

Ottawa Exchanges

Ottawa Music Microgrant Program 

This year’s priority streams have been determined based on : (a) items in the strategy that require community collaboration well beyond the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Music Industry Coalition to be able to address; and (b) community needs expressed in the sector forums carried out in October and January. 

Application forms and full information can be found here.

Division of Funds

Rather than allocating only a few larger-scale grants, the OMDF draws inspiration from the successful Ontario Music Micro-grants program that was administered by OMIC as part of the 2017 celebrations. The division of the funds will be as follows : 

Diversity + Inclusion 

1 x $5,000 Diversity + Inclusion in Music Collaboration Grant

5 x $500 Diversity + Inclusion in Music Microgrants

Objective : To support small and medium-sized projects that will make the Ottawa 

music scene(s) more inclusive, representative and welcoming for all. 

The $5,000 grant will be awarded to a collaborative initiative between two or more local music organisations/ groups. The application must be spearheaded by an eligible non-profit, artist or grassroots collective. 

Music Media Collaboration Grant (1 x $5,000 grant)

Objective : To support a collaborative project involving 3 or more community media 

organisations, which ideally can be showcased as part of the press around the digital Ottawa-Gatineau music awards. 

Ottawa Exchanges (5 x $1,000 grants) 

Objective : To support knowledge transmission between Ottawa and communities outside of Eastern Ontario, urban or rural, national or international. Examples of projects could include : bringing in speakers from outside Ottawa to give a professional development workshop in Ottawa, supporting an Ottawa artist or emerging industry professional to take up a showcasing or professional development opportunity outside of Ottawa, an exhibition or showcase of Ottawa music outside of Ottawa. 

Ottawa Music Microgrants (10-12 x (up to) $500 micro-grants; $5,000 total)

Objective : Supporting small-scale innovative projects that need a small boost to make them possible. Examples of such projects can include a one-night proof of concept in a pop-up space, hosting talks or public discussions about community issues, hosting an anniversary event for a local grassroots collective, etc.


  • Artists

  • Registered non-profit or charitable organisations

  • Grassroots collectives and community groups (unregistered non-profit entities) 

Unfortunately, because this funding originates with the City of Ottawa, we are unable to provide funds to for-profit music businesses even at the start-up phase. If you have questions about your eligibility, please email the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition at info[at] 

Projects with a start date of 01/08/2019 or later AND an end date of 31/12/2019 are eligible. 


The deadline for all streams is 23/09/2019 at 11:59pm (23:59:59). Late applications may not be accepted.

More information 

For more information on any part of the OMD or to discuss accessibility, please contact : 

Martyna Turczynowicz

Programs Manager

Ottawa Music Industry Coalition