Automated Renewal and Expiry Notices Delivered by Mistake


We realise that our membership management software provider Membee sent renewal / expiry notices to some members over the weekend with some of these notices reflecting erroneous membership expiry dates. We currently do not know how many members were affected as their technical support staff is away for the long weekend, however we will be following up with members who have or are about to legitimately expire on Monday. If you do not receive a direct follow-up from one of our staff, please assume you were contacted in error.

Things to note :

·      No one has been charged.

o   Don’t worry - an invoice is not a charge, it’s just a bill that goes with a renewal reminder to make it easier for businesses to pay. Membee does not keep your card information on file. While we’ll still provide invoices so that our business members can renew their memberships, we will be updating the language in our communications to you.

·      No contact information has been compromised.

o   No third party, or member, has access to a full list of email addresses, phone numbers or mailing addresses of our members. Although Membee did have permission to send automated billing emails to members on our behalf, we own the data.

·      Our contract with Membee was cancelled prior to these notices going out.

o   The end date of our contract is September 2 (Monday), designed by them to allow us a transition period. We have already moved all of our records in house, and were simply waiting for the contract to lapse.

Thank you for your patience during this change over!