OC Transpo and City of Ottawa team up with OMIC to make LOCAL MUSIC a key part of O-Train Confederation Line opening ceremonies!

We’re proud to share that in recent weeks we’ve teamed up with OC Transpo and the City of Ottawa to ensure that music is a key part of the opening ceremonies marking the official launch of the O Train’s Confederation Line and its 13 brand-new stations. At approximately 2:30pm simultaneous performances featuring exclusively local artists will take place in each and every new Confederation Line station all the way from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair. With performances lasting 40 minutes and the end to end trip only taking 24 minutes, riders will be able to hop on / hop off to take in the array of talent Ottawa has to offer. 

The participating artists were jury selected from a pool of artists including From Emerging to Export alumni and participants in the City’s #ottmusik program.

More information about the artists, including bios is available here.