Episode 4 : Festival Season! w/ Steve Gardiner of SGM Group Artists

The Love Local Music podcast is exactly that: Stories and songs and conversations and LOVE for all things Ottawa Music!  

Episode Four is a hot one! Eyob Tzu & Jumpin’ Joel Flash sat down in a warm room to discuss missing Bluesfest, not missing Jazzfest, and meeting cool people at CMW!  

Joel & Tzu then sit down for an interview with Steve Gardiner of SGM Group Artists! Steve recently returned from a music showcase event in Seoul with artist Andrew Cassara.  Steve talks about the challenges of international gigging, the importance of networking (everywhere, not just in Korea ;) ) and making the most of the home studio! 

Then more yik yak about professional skills, what you might need, and how to get that best music foot forward!!!

Hosted by: 

Jumpin’ Joel Flash - @jumpinjoelflash


Eyob Tzu - @whatistzudoing

Interviewing :

Steve Gardiner - @thegardinator

SGM Group Artists


This episode’s music :



Dancing Mono

Performed by Andrew Cassara


Technically Beautiful

Written and Performed by Jumpin’ Joel Flash

Lyrics by The City of Ottawa

Recorded by Steve Gardiner at SGM Group Artists Studio