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You have questions. We have answers (or we know where to find them). Need an extra set of eyes on your EPK? Not sure where to find a recording studio that fits your sound? We can help.

On Wednesdays from 11:30am - 1:30pm at Impact HUB, Nik and/or Martyna will be on hand to provide one-on-one support and advice. 

Nik can handle business development, grant writing, design, and 'how the industry works' questions, while our resident communications whiz Martyna can help you navigate social media, newsletters, and branding. 



On the third Monday of the month, join your fellow OMIC members for a catch-up, discussion on a key issue of the day and a performance from one of Ottawa's hottest emerging talents. 

This monthly event is FREE for OMIC members!

Know someone who should get involved with OMIC? Bring a friend for free until the end of 2018. 

next event

POD613 : Music & Podcasting

(@ Innovation Pod 2.0, Landsdowne | 6pm / 18,00hrs)

past events | événements passés


Music & Mental Health

w/ Steve St. Pierre^, Akeem Ouellet


Funding for Recording

w/ Lake Urmia^, Marlène Barré (City of Ottawa), Ian Boyd (Compact Music)


Community Music Venues

w/ Étoile Noire, Kim Lymburner (Folkrum)


Noise By-law & You

w/ Christine Jakel^, Jerrod Riley (City of Ottawa)


Franco & Anglo Music Communities in Perfect Harmony

w/ Kimya^, Zoe Heggarty-Leblanc^, Natalie Bernardin (APCM), Matias Muñoz (Ottawa Showbox), Patrick Harrison (Agence PRH)

^ performing artist | artiste performant

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from emerging to export

The pilot edition of the From Emerging to Export Program took place in June/July 2018. Over the course of six intense weeks, ten local artists and managers were put through their paces with a series of 10 workshops, four mentoring sessions, three work-jams, one legal consultation and showcases in Ottawa and beyond.

We’re currently updating the FETE program and we expect the call for applications for Round Two will open in November 2018.

Have a closer look at the FETE curriculum here.

This program was generously funded by the Ontario Media Development Corporation and benefited greatly from our partnership with the Sparks St BIA. 




Grace Marr


Kelsey Hayes

No Mistakes in Space


Subtle Curves

The Ebb & Flow

Throne Seekers (management)


Ashley Au

Brodie Conley (Future States)


Double Experience

Matt Sobb (MonkeyJunk)


Brodie Conley (Future States)

Byron Pascoe (Edwards PC Creative Law)

Kaitlin Milroy (Moonfruits)


Independent music business

independent music business series

The Independent Music Business Series is a monthly free seminar and lecture series aiming to enrich the knowledge and expertise of artists, musicians and music service providers in the National Capital region.

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Gérer votre carrière musicale et d'autres artistes

w/ YAO et Guillaume Decouflet (A Tribe Called Red)


Creating a Financial Plan

w/ Chris Ferrante (BandBiz)


Make the Most of Your Festival Slot

w/ Kelly Symes (Festival of Small Halls) & Emma Francis (RBC Ottawa Bluesfest)


diy audio tecH FOR WOMEN+  

The DIY Audio Tech Workshop for Women+ is a full day class aimed at teaching introductory-level sound reinforcement. This workshop is hands on and geared towards promoters, musicians, DJs, and aspiring sound technicians.

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • Basic PA set-up & what to rent for a show
  • Troubleshooting common problems like feedback and signal flow
  • Reading stage plots & evaluating tech demands
  • Running a sound check
  • Common terminology

This class will be instructed in English with bilingual support and is open to ages 18+.

This course is open to anyone that identifies as a woman or as non-binary. Members of marginalized or minority communities are encouraged to register and participate.